Four Divisions for All of Your Needs

As part of Hueman, we have four unique recruiting divisions, each designed to serve your specific recruiting needs:

And though our divisions focus on individualized areas of the recruiting space, we all share a single vision of creating Great Employment Experiences focused on people, treating them right, and recognizing the individual qualities of those people. Together, we serve your needs and exceed your expectations.

Hueman - An RPO Partner

Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing division acts as an extension of your hiring department, allowing you to focus on employee engagement and retention, while we focus on hiring for your permanent positions.

Hueman Executive Search

High-Level Positions Demand High-Quality People. Whether it’s corporate executives or departmental company leaders, our senior-level executive recruiters can ensure your executive hire will be a long-term fit.

Hueman - Risk Adjustment

Our staffing division focuses on the recruitment and management of qualified contract-based clinicians that perform in-home health assessments for insurance and risk adjustment companies, as well as MSOs.

Agency a la Carte

Agency a la Carte expertly matches designers, directors, writers, executives, coders, managers, and public relations freelancers to marketing and advertising roles in Fortune 500 companies, ad agencies, and small businesses.