Culture is What Makes Us Hueman.

It all comes down to our people.

See, culture isn’t just something we say we have; it’s something that we celebrate every single day. When you walk into our offices and interact with our employees, you quickly get the feeling that something is different here—something special, something unique and something seemingly intangible. It’s the feeling of purpose, belonging, acceptance and family; It’s the confidence that we have done everything possible, and with integrity, to not just do our jobs well, but to enjoy doing them.

It’s no wonder that at Hueman, culture and people come first. We believe that creating a great employment experience always starts with treating people right. It might take more effort, but we believe it’s worth it and it shows.

It’s this mentality that has led us to be recognized as a Best Workplace by Fortune magazine and the Great Place to Work Institute for 13 consecutive years, even earning the #1 spot in 2013 and the #2 spot in 2014. No other company has ever been recognized for that many years consecutively, which truly makes us a company like no other.

We’ve acquired our fair share of awards as you can see below, but what’s even more important is the people we’ve acquired in the process. It’s our people who built both our culture and our business, which is why at Hueman, we stand for people.